New Mechanics and Black Stag

2:20 PM Monday, November 2, 2015

This is the art for one of our latest cards loaded up with a new mechanic.

As much as new mechanics can excite people, you can't overwhelm players with so much "new" that it becomes frustrating or daunting. That's one reason I love card games.

There are general rules, which are clear and simple enough, but if ever, or I should say, whenever, the card rules conflict with the general rules, card rules take precedence.

This allows for new rules and new mechanics to come into play in the base set of cards as well as any additions or expansions that may arise at a rate that's actually digestible. Hooray complexity!

In Ark Rift, we've got a lot of new mechanics and keywords that plaeyrs may discover as they play. One of the new keywords is "MOUNT." This means that other creatures and sometimes characters can hop onto the MOUNT and be kept safe until their mount is killed.