Ark Rift Updates and...The Machine!

10:39 AM Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hey, Everybody!

We've broken 100 followers on our Twitter page! Thank you to all for supporting our little project by following and checking out our stuff.

We've added a new team member to the fold in the past month and are just beginning a new round of artist hunting. That means we are growing and open to portfolio submissions once again. Huzzah! Got a hankering to get your art into a game? Email Us!

Analog prototyping is continuing but now in conjunction with the beginning of its digital incarnation and I couldn't be more excited!

In other news, another character is in. Meet, the Machine!


Terminology Change: Structure --> Culture Card

4:34 PM Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello, Everybody and Happy New Year!

We're starting this year off with some good changes. One of which is some terminology changes to expand card type variety.

Formerly called "Structures" will now be known as "Culture Cards." I was having some trouble with the thematic reasoning behind having structures that could be placed by individual players. It made sense that these cards (which have an effect that occurs each turn) would have a sense of permanence, like a building. Yurts, incinerators, and factories, oh my! However, why just buildings?

By expanding the title, we also expand the cards available to players. No longer just structures, players can now look forward to using artifacts, cults, philosophies, government, and more. We also have a lot more to play with regarding faction personalities.

So far, factions have really been defined by their environment and general strategies. Culture cards should pump some much needed lifeblood into each faction.

Very excited to be opening this part of the game up, hope you guys like it!