New Assassin Art!

9:19 PM Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Splash art incoming! Each character is getting not only their in-game portrait but a splash piece is in the works. Check out the assassin!

More splash pieces and character portraits to come!


The Upgrade Mechanic

8:48 AM Thursday, March 17, 2016

One of the unique mechanics in Ark Rift is the ability for cards to grow, gain experience, and ultimately change into something greater than their original form.

Given time, even plants like Budding Brambles (left) can flourish and grow into Cursed Brambles (right). Generally, after 3 turns of being on the playing field, creatures gain enough xp to upgrade.

What's excellent about new mechanics is that they breed more novel mechanics. Suddenly we are able to create ability cards that alter this advancement. Cards can slow or advance the speed at which a card upgrades or even stop it all together.

A card like Abominate can even change what that creature card turns into once it upgrades. Instead of new and more powerful card, Abominate forces that card to mutate into an Abomination, a weak, damaged, and quite ugly's kind of gross actually. Gross...and AWESOME.