Don't be Afraid of Change

11:54 AM Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello, Everybody!

Been doing a bit of play testing lately and it's revealed a lot of great information. For example, Engineer powers and cards are changing! Not a lot, but in very important ways.

If you've kept up with our development then you already know that in addition to each character having a deck, each character also has powers. Here is a breakdown of the Engineer's.

His previous powers:
+1 damage point to structure (Cost: 1 KP)
       Allows a structure to have +1 attack (stackable)

Combine bots (Cost: 2 KP)
       Combines two bots into one bot

Destroy target structure (Cost: 3 KP)
Very few cards can remove structures once placed so this is advantageous if this player has no more culture card slots available

Play testing has revealed some of these to be dumb, useless, and/or nonsensical. Isn't learning fun? But, mini revelations like this only improve the game. Don't be afraid of learning things aren't great. That's the stuff you need to know the most because the first step to being not being great at all.

His current powers:
Make bot (Cost: 1 KP)
Creates a 1/1 bot creature. The Engineer focuses primarily on buffing buildings. Because of this focus, the Engineer can have too few creatures. This solves that issue.

+1 damage point to structure (Cost: 2 KP)
This power was a bit too easy to farm since its cost was too low. We'll see how it does here for a bit.

Destroy target structure (Cost: 3 KP)
This power seems just right. At 3 KP cost, it's a bit expensive to just go around bashing buildings but is worth the cost for well-timed attacks or personal building replacement.

So, learn as much as you can about your own project whenever you can. You're going to catch more and more mistakes. And guess what? Even after you catch a bunch, there will still be more. Even after you fix a bunch, having fixed one may create more problems.

Constant movement forward. This is what we're looking for at this stage and all stages.