Top 5 Ways to Start your Game Project

7:41 AM Monday, May 23, 2016

1. Trademark
If you already know the name of your game or what you would like it to be, checking to see if it already exists goes without saying. Once you do, to the best of your knowledge, recognize your name as unique, submit it to be trademarked. The sooner the better since once your paperwork is filed, the process can take 6 months to a year or even longer.

2. Make a Website and Blog
This is going to be the primary resource for many to know about your game. What it's about and all of the pertinent information about how to get access to play it, etc. So take some time to make it look polished. Use other game websites as examples.

2. Social Media and Community Outreach
It's never too late to start marketing your game and getting the word out. Tumblr, Instagram, reddit, Twitter, and gaming forums are just a few places where a little bit of regular effort can build buzz for your project. Connecting with other game developers on indie game forums is another great way to let yourself be known among your peers.

3. Define Roles
Depending on the size of your team, the roles of individuals may overlap. However, it's important that each person knows what their role entails and has an outline for how to achieve the goals within that defined role.

4. Talk about your Project
This means getting comfortable speaking about your project not only to your team but to your friends, to potential players, to press and supporters. Know what makes your game unique and fun to play.

5. Art.
Don't skimp on art. The art of your game sets the mood and will tell the story more than any other element is able. The art of a game can be a defining reason why someone picks or passes on your project so prepare to invest in it.

Artist are also freaking awesome. It's not a hobby, it's hard work and their skills takes years of practice to develop. Value them appropriately.