Creating Character Identity: Hex and the Machine

8:36 PM Thursday, June 23, 2016

Clear character identities are so important in creating fun characters that have unique strengths and weaknesses.

The Engineer deck was the first deck to be created. It started with a powerful collection of skills like Overload, which clears the play field and Overclock, which increases damage and health points of all friendly units.

When this deck was being designed, we foresaw some potential crossover through development with another Ark character called the Machine, whose deck hadn't yet been developed.

So, now working with the Machine, some shuffling has occurred to create clear and individual character identities. The Machine has adopted Overclock, Overload, and a number of other cards that were formerly the Engineer's.

It's interesting and important to ask, "If this character were real, what would they do?" Not just that but what would they think, what would they want, and what would hurt them?

With those questions in mind, we're re-engineering Hex Holcomb's deck (pun intended, deal with it) to include more ability cards such as Repair, which adds health to a damaged unit, and Construct Turret, which adds damage ability to structures. His focus will be on construction, building, and re-building and the Machine will be primarily focused on powers that alter electronics and program.

Thanks for reading, everyone! We're very excited to continue bringing you updates on our project.


Upgrade Mechanic in Art

6:19 PM Saturday, June 4, 2016

Most unit cards are linked to a respective upgrade card in Ark Rift. That comes through in the team's art:

Homunculus (left) upgrades into Humegalus (right)

Once a unit is on the field for three turns, it automatically upgrades. This means more individual units but fewer actual cards. I hope that this mechanic not only creates a logical progression, but also a lot of anticipatory excitement.

The only problem with expectation, is that you're bound to be met with a bit of disappointment. Players will have to think on their toes as opponents counter their plans. Fluid movement between a variety of potential strategies is key.

The cards Homunculus, and its upgraded unit Humegalus, are examples of that fluid strategy. Depending on your need, you can have Homunculus upgrade into one of three different types of higher units whether you need a hard hitter, a buff, or tank.