What is a Deck-Building Card Game?

1:00 PM Friday, December 15, 2017

Deck-building card games are games in which each player has their own deck that is constructed and refined over the course of the game itself.

This is generally accomplished by having a Market of cards available to all players and each player starting with the same, small deck (typically 10 cards total) which includes some currency cards. These currency cards are used to purchase new cards from the Market to be added to that player's deck.

Newly purchased cards are added to that player's discard.

Players' hands have a starting number of cards (typically 5 or simply half of starting deck) of which they may play all of or as many as they can or wish. When their turn is over, they discard the remainder of their hand into their personal discard and draw a new hand from their deck.

When their personal deck is depleted, they shuffle their discard and it becomes their draw deck. This is how newly purchased cards are integrated into the player's deck.

This means that each game can be very different with wildly different strategies employed and utilized to combat your opponent. Some strategies are even forced with luck of the draw in the Market. You can never rely on a single strategy because there is a chance that the cards necessary for that particular method may not come up in the Market, or may simply come too late.

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Transitioning to a Deck Building Card Game

5:11 PM Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hey all! Things are changing again. Our team has been working on various projects to bring multiple games to life. Currently a goofy platformer has had our attention but we're bringing it back to Atlas Break and making some huge core changes to the game.

It's going to be a physical, deck-building card game.

Exiting the digital realm has been an interesting transition. Many elements in the original rules were prepared with the digital format in mind. Meaning automated calculators, instant card retrieval, and all kinds of auto trackers that are no longer available in the analog format.

The entire game has been rewritten. What was once a punchy digital arena, similar to Hearthstone, is now a more condensed and refined game with an entirely new premise.

I am thrilled that the game is now going to be housed within my favorite genre of card game of Deck-Building, and also, within an actual box.

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