Atlas Break Card Type Breakdown

2:00 PM Sunday, March 18, 2018

As we hammer out our final rules and mechanics, I'll be piecing together brief synopses of the game. Today, we'll go over our card types.

Atlas Break contains a total of 8 card types:

This card shows your chosen champion and their respective Champion Power.

Starter Cards - Basic Bot and Basic Currency
These are the cards that each player begins with. They include a Basic Bot, which does 1 attack and one Basic Currency Card, which permits 1 purchase power. Currently we have our currency noted as "Units" but not sure if this will stick. Let us know if you have any suggestions for Currency!

These cards are used once then discarded into the Void.

These are bots, humanoids, and other creatures that are collected and then cycle through the player's deck.

Bugs are a nuisance to all. Destroying a bug card provides an instant reward to the victor!

Protective shields of all types that must be destroyed before the player can be attacked.

These are location cards that have a mechanic that applies a new mechanic to both players.

And, that's it! Each of these cards has appropriate variations in their card design for which I've mocked up templates for our art director to work from. From the last post about card frames, I think you know how excited I am about those! They've been further refined and continue to be improved.

The templates are also being used on our database side to automate our table of card information to actual cards. We're looking forward for our new prototype being finished soon and play testing of the new version of Atlas Break to begin.