Development Update

5:54 PM Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hello, Everybody! Just wanted to update you all on our progress to date on Atlas Break.

We've worked and re-worked this game over a long period of time and we are getting into our prototyping phase.

  • - Card frames for all card types are completed.
  • - Card Art is completed, named, and organized
  • - Mechanics are in our Card Database

Next Steps

  • - Automating card variables into our card frames
  • - Manually placing card art into respective frames
  • - Printing prototype
  • - Playtesting

Those are our short term goals coming up. The cards themselves are looking beautiful! I remember our first prototype for the first version of this game. It was basically tables with our variables and card test, no card art, and printed on card stock. And when I say "basically," I mean "actually."

Our previous prototype was ugly but it was playable and served its purpose. There are varying opinions regarding how "finished" a game should appear before playtesting, especially before playtesting with those outside of your group. Regardless of where one SHOULD be for the playtesting stage, I am very glad that we've played with most basic of prototypes and that we will be playing with a prototype with this level of finish.

Here are a couple of samples of our cards. These are only samples (not all variables included/only flavor text) but they're so pretty, I had to share.