2:37 AM Thursday, January 21, 2016

Two worlds separated by hundreds of years...

...the promise of a replenished Earth broken.

Choose your character, claim your scrap of the planet! Fight against machines and mutated creatures, new species and old magic! Construct structures and use artifacts to sway the fight to your side.

Ark Rift is the story of a decimated planet, used up of her resources but yet filled with creatures pawing to escape ruin. As the Earth waned, mankind developed the Ark: a giant, space-worthy vessel made to house a large population while the Earth would be reseeded and made habitable again...

Some of the population to ascend were chosen by democratic vote or lottery, some by threat and bribery, a very few, by pity and hope...

They were to be held in the sky for four hundred years. Long enough for the water to be cleaned, long enough for the oxygen to be renewed, long enough for the sin of abandonment to be forgotten and history to be rewritten.

But there was a new life beating in that celestial womb. Deep inside the Ark. A tick-tick-ticking of a mechanical heart. A malfunction or destiny that sent the Ark crashing down two hundred years too soon...or according to some, at just the right time.

Because the world wasn't lonely while they were gone.
The world just kept going.
But not the way thought.

This is where we begin.

Three characters are available from the Ark.
Three characters are available among those who stayed behind.

Now, who does this world belong to?