OUTLIER: Rizza Vice

5:03 PM Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Outliers are a group of Earth-dwelling warriors. After the reterraformer accident hundreds of years ago, the planet changed. Flora and fauna mutated and the world became an unstable stream of death and horrors. Humans, too, changed into something inhuman, abominations. It was only the very few, the Outliers, those far enough way from the reterraformer locations, and somehow resistant to radiation, who maintained their genetic integrity to continue humanity.

And they did. Crude settlements of survivors developed into thriving communities. Communities gave way to villages and towns, and through their success over time, the Outliers began to feel the Earth asking to be held by the hand of man once more.

No doubt one of the keys to their success was the enslavement of lower creatures.  Mutated humans...creatures with powers whose very existence mocked the purity of what humanity once was. Those that couldn't be used had to be killed and the creativity of the human spirit had never spoken more true than in the methods the Outliers devised to carry out the task.

The Game of Bones. A carnival of death, both entertaining and integral to Outlier culture. Every year, marking the day the world changed, the Game of Bones commences. A collection of the Earth's most pitiful mutants and most menacing creatures brought to their knees by Outlier warriors.

The most dangerous collection of fiends is reserved for the Outlier leader. Rizza Vice. May she ever dominate the masses of evil brought before her.